Your Wedding; How to get organised! Part 1

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be blogging about what happens after the engagement, and steps in how to make the process of planning this party (wedding) easier for you!


So you’ve got the man, the ring, and the wedding date set. Now what?

I’ve taken the below from A Practical Wedding Blog. The blog is created by Meg, who started it just a few weeks after getting engaged herself. The byline of the blog is “weddings, minus the insanity, plus the marriage”. Sounds like a go-er?? Read below;

You need to set up a system for yourself to keep track of the big picture and all the little details. Get a big binder and divide it into tabs for each big part of your wedding. Here are some you might want to start with and what’s likely to go in them. You can use this binder from the get-go and include inspirational pictures and ideas as well, if you want.

  • Important Info(for me, this is a couple of sheets in page protectors before the other sections; it’s the stuff you’ll reference most often on/right before your wedding day) 
    • Contact Sheet – Name, Cell Phone Number, & Email Address of everyone with a role in your wedding (vendors, wedding party, family members, officiant, anyone needed for pictures)
    • Timeline – Detailed breakdown of what happens, when it happens, where it happens, and who needs to be there – for the entire day, including getting ready & getting home or to the hotel after the party is over
    • Checklist – of everything that needs to be brought to the ceremony or reception, and who is responsible for bringing it
    • Shot list for your Photographer
  • Budget

  • Ceremony
    • Venue information, including floor/seating plans, and any needed setup
    • Copy of your ceremony text
    • List of your processional/recessional order
    • Your marriage license, ready to be signed!
    • Anything else related to your ceremony
  • Reception
    • Venue information, including floor/seating plans, and any needed setup
    • Menu/Beverage List
    • Playlist for the DJ, with special songs (first dance, etc.) noted
    • List of who is giving toasts & list of people you want to remember to thank!
    • Anything else related to your reception

Now if this sounds a little crazy OTT to you; then you need to get organised!

Even if your wedding is a small event, it will probably still encompass the main attractions of a wedding; ceremony, reception, dress, guests etc, and that’s still a lot to organise.

Stay tuned!


exert taken from:

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